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in 2017

Coco Agriculture Company Limited has been established in 2017 by Mr. Anusorn Kwankongbun. The company aims to develop a growing medium from wasted leftover which is coco peat for soilless culture in a greenhouse or indoor growing system. The idea of this work had been supported by Southern Thailand Science Park under the Innovation Hub Project supported by the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research, and Innovation. This project emphasizes how to create new commercial products from wasted leftovers by using innovations to develop a growing medium able to grow plants efficiently, conveniently. and safely which helps farmers to reduce production costs as well. After ending of this project, the company has sold products in domestic and foreign markets, consecutively.


in 80 countries.

The company has planned to expand its business for more production to some foreign countries such as Sri Lanka which has plenty of coco peats for producing materials ranked at the 5th in the world. Also, the has planned to export products to China and Japan to open more markets of its company for competition or substitution more in the market of peat moss. Peat moss is a natural resource material running short in the future and has been sold at a value of> 20,000 million baht in 80 countries.


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1,000 tons per year

Recently, (2021) the company has sold products at domestic and foreign markets such as Malaysia, Algeria, and Laos with the selling quantity at around 1,000 tons/year. This helps to create job positions in the areas and several related businesses. Also, the environmental situation is getting better with


More than 10 million

reducing wasted caused by coco peats, forest areas have been saved from peat moss production, and global weather is also better. The company is proud to perform business in the form of a circular economy and determine to develop quality products to forever stay close to farmers.


grow slab

Coco peat plus

Coco Peat Plus is a refined coconut husk that has undergone physical conditioning and various properties. To be suitable for the use of vegetable seedlings as grafting material, grass planting material. And grow all kinds of plants strengthen the seedlings have strong roots grow well