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coco peat plus

High quality seedling material

Coco Peach Plus is a refined coconut husk that has undergone physical conditioning processes. And features To be suitable for use in cultivating vegetable seedlings as grafting material, grass planting material. And grow all kinds of plants strengthen the seedlings to have strong roots. Grow well


High-quality seedling material Coco Peat Plus


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Strawberry or grafting

coco peat plus is used as a material to support runners of strawberry or grafting such as lime branch, guava branch, or other plant branches which will help strengthen roots of those grafted branches.

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growing potted plants

coco peat plus is used for mixing material or growing mediums such as cannabis, bonsai, flowering plants, and other ornamental plants.

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Seedling Nursery

Use for cucumbers, tomatoes, and chilis in nursery 25-30 days. They have already adjusted PH and mixed it with fertilizer. Plants grow very well, have more roots, and are healthy.


High-quality plant material

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Seedling material

Used as seedling material such as cucumber, watermelon, melon, pepper, tomato, oil palm and other seedlings. The age of transplanting seedlings 25-30 days without additional fertilizer in that period. The seedlings can continue to grow well. Until transplanting the seedlings into planting

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Strawberries or grafted

Used as a material for splicing strawberries or cuttings such as lemon branches, guava branches or all kinds of tree branches. It will help the roots of the branches grow well and have strong roots.

city park

Foundation for golf course grass planting

Used for foundation for planting grass, golf courses or football fields. It will allow the grass to grow faster.

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Greenhouse Planting Materials

Can be used as an ingredient for growing plants in greenhouses such as tomatoes, hemp, cannabis, peppers, all kinds of flowering and ornamental plants.

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Coco peat plus

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Coco peat plus is the fine coconut coir processed through the physical and property modification proper for culturing seedling, grafting, planting grass, and all the other plants which will strengthen young plants to have strong roots to grow well.

Cucurbitaceae such as cucumber, watermelon, bitter gourd, melon, and wax gourd or young plants at ages < 15 days old. Also, this can be used for culturing seeds until the day of seedling transplant.

Solanaceae such as chilli, tomato, eggplant, or seedling at age 25-30 days old are proper for transplanting without fertilizing during the seedling days.

Coco peat plus+

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